Music comes from the SOUL

Music comes from the SOUL

Music comes from the SOULMusic comes from the SOULMusic comes from the SOUL

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The Road To Recovery

Life awakening moment...

Tre’ Smith gracefully made it out of this alive with a broken femur and some mouth damage.

Tre’ was at a gig on 12/13 at barons pub and playing his last set from midnight to 1am during the first hour of his birthday (12/14), then packed up left by about 1:45am and didn’t make it two blocks away before he was in a life threatening accident.

Tv time for Tre’...

WTKR’s Coast Live


So today I accomplished something that I can say that I am proud of doing. I would like to thank Brenda Barkley, Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music, WTKR News 3, Coast Live, and of course all of my supporters that have helped me achieve some of my goals. I couldn’t do what I do, and make it in this world without your love and support, truly! Stay tuned for new music and notable upcoming events, and for more info, visit:

Please take the time to share and watch the video live performances of my new song, “the rain” and my “9/11 tribute to the fallen ones” song “stand tall” performed on Coast Live Tv.

Tre’ Smith - 54 mph

An original song “54 mph” off of the new upcoming album “born again” recorded at Big Woody’s Bar & Grill in Chesapeake, Va and written as a reflection on the bad accident Tre’ was in on his birthday (December 14th, 2019). 54 mph lyrics in video. Album release date coming soon! 

Tre’ Smith - I’ll be alright

Tre’ Smith - Love again

Written by: Tre’ Smith

Recorded by: Jonathan Adams (Imajanation productions) 

Tre’ Smith Music’s original “Love again” written in 2018 recorded live at the Big Ugly Brewing Company in Chesapeake, Virginia, June 26, 2019.

The Tre’ Smith Band - Love Again

Guitar/Lead Vocals - Tre’ Smith

Drums - David Poole

Bass - Dana Silvercloud

A little about my journey...

Notable Upcoming Events



Traveling west to Wytheville, Va to show #1 of the Blue Ridge Mountain Mini Tour. Seven Sisters Brewery, from 7-10pm!



Show #2, Blue Ridge Mountain Mini Tour

Parkway Brewing Company 

Salem, Va 




Show #3, Blue Ridge Mountain Mini Tour


Charlotte, NC



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